At Trinity there is a range of activities and groups with young people in mind. We are always ready to welcome new people week by week, so please come and join us!

Pathfinders is our group for young people in school years 7-9 who meet on Sundays. Pathfinders stay with us for the start of the 10.00am service and then leave to be in their own group for Bible teaching involving discussion and games.

On Friday nights those in years 7-9 (and year 10 boys) can also meet at Impact. Come along at 6.00pm for a tasty selection of snacks, big games and fun but most of all hearing about the Impact Jesus has on our world. All this and finished by 7.15pm.

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On Friday nights girls in years 10-11 can meet at Impact Extra. The group will join Impact for games at the start and end of the session but will have their own snack time and Bible study. The group finishes at 7.15pm.

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Spud is for girls in school years 12-13 and meets on Sundays after the 6.30pm service from 7.30pm-9.00pm during school term for Bible teaching and games. See our term card to find out what's happening this term.

* We currently have very few boys in the year 10-13 age group, but if you are thinking of joining Trinity, let us know and we'll have a rethink of our youth work so that we accommodate you better. *

For those in years 10-13: We are also running 'Real Food Extra' this term which is a chance to chill out and play games after our monthly Real Food service. We'll also be looking at a Big Question each week. You can find out more here. We hope this will provide a great opportunity for the whole year 10-13 group to get together as well as something they can easily invite their friends along to.

Pathfinders, Impact, Impact Extra and Spud also hang out together from time to time on weekend socials. Join us to catch a film, grab some food and have a chat.

Contact Anna Watkin for more details about Pathfinders and Impact (

Contact Kate Smith for more information about Impact Extra and Spud (

Please click below for the current programme for each group:
Pathfinders September-December 2019 (Sunday mornings, years 7-9)

Impact September-December 2019 (Friday evening, years 7-9 and year 10 boys)

Impact Extra September-December 2019 (Friday evening, year 10-11 girls)

Spud September-December 2019 (Sunday evenings, year 12-13 girls)